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Dude, Back Up

Dude, Back Up

Men are always complaining that girls are too clingy, but some guys are just as guilty.  Have you ever dated someone who was way too into you way too fast?  Carrie did and it is a “relationship” she will never forget. Too Fast Too Soon Carrie met Ryan through some friends.  He seemed like a fun guy.  He loved to hang... 

Sometimes Being Picky is Just Gross

Sometimes Being Picky is Just Gross

nline Dating stories are often filled with tales about people who are not what they say they are.  It is so easy to make up a false image online that many people do it thinking that it will be overlooked when they meet someone in person. However, as the following story shows, some things simply cannot be overlooked. Mr. Late Shelly... 

Proceed with Caution when Posting Online Single Ads

Proceed with Caution when Posting Online Single Ads

When you post an online personal ad you are really opening yourself up for some crazy replies, but most women know this.  You think you have done good weeding through the guys who are not your type or who are just plain weird, but sometimes you can never tell.  That is why it is always nest to proceed with caution, at least... 

A Friend of a Friend

A Friend of a Friend

There are numerous dating stories about people being set up by friends because it is common to think that your friends know you the best so if they set you up with someone then things should be good.  Right?  Wrong.  In most cases these dates can be just as bad as the rest.  Sometimes your friends don’t know you as well... 

Big Spender

Big Spender

It’s always nice to have a man pamper you and be willing to spend his hard earned cash on you, but some guys take it too far.  The first date is the time for getting to know each other, not a time to create yourself some eye candy.  Guess this guy didn’t get the memo. Lexus, Perfect Smile, Designer Cloths Randy thought... 

Culture Clash

Culture Clash

Even guys have bad dates.  Here is a great story about a culture clash that just could not be ignored and was the ultimate deal breaker for one poor guy. He Meets A Beautiful Girl Jessie met this really beautiful, Iranian woman at school.  She seemed like a modern woman.  She was born and raised in the states and she spoke... 

Friends With Benefits... No Strings Attached

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