Has Hollywood Sent a Clear Message About Lasting Relationships?

Is there really a happily ever after?  On the screen Hollywood makes us believe that everything always ends great.  The guy always gets the girl and they live happily ever after.  Then off screen you see Hollywood relationships and marriages falling apart left and right.  It seems nobody in Tinsel Town lives happily ever after.

Scrutinity Is Hard On The Relationship?

It could be the fact that almost every Hollywood relationship is scrutinized and publicized for us all to see.  That’s what everyone seems to think.  It would be annoying to have people constantly following you, talking about you and publishing your pictures all over the place. I just don’t buy this excuse, though.  To me, even if everyone is watching, if you are truly in love then nothing is going to break you up.

So what do I think is wrong with Hollywood relationships?  I hate to be the bad guy, but in all honesty I think it has a lot to do with ego and being superficial.

Think about it.  They could literally have anyone they want, but they stick in Hollywood.  They say it is because it is too hard to date non-celebs.  Please, people!  Who do you think you are kidding?  You stick in Hollywood with the pretty people because they are just like you.  They are rich and beautiful.

Celeb – Non-Celeb Dating Is Not As Popular

You don’t want to be seen around town with an average Joe or average Jane because people wouldn’t give a crap about you.  Yeah, they might snap a few pics, but we have all seen how this plays out.  The celeb/non-celeb relationships quickly fade from the spotlight.

Celebs want high profile relationships because it gets them talked about.  When they are talked about they are popular.  When they are popular they get movie roles.

Bottom line here – there is no happy ever after in Hollywood because everything in Hollywood is fake.  Relationships can’t last when it was never real to begin with.  You date someone just because of who they are and how they can further your career and you can expect for it to fall apart.

That’s my two cents on the deal.  You can agree or disagree.  I won’t back down, though.  Hollywood relationships are just what they seem to be.  A way for a celeb to keep all eyes on them and to keep their star shining.

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