Lesson From The Proposal: I Guess Women Should Not Propose

Hollywood is real good at creating fantasy and then making the public believe that is how life really works.  This hold that Hollywood has over us is not even something that we seem to realize.  This is so true when it comes to women.  Sorry, gals.  I am a woman, too, but you have to admit that we buy into that Hollywood love story stuff way too much.

Let’s look at the movie The Proposal.  It was a good movie, right?  It had great characters and a good plot.  What was that central plot?  A proposal by a woman to a man who didn’t really want to marry her and then through a series of events, sometimes very comical, that man decides he really does want to marry her.  So, he asks her to marry him and she, of course, says yes.

What does this teach us? To never propose to a man.  Wait for him to propose to you.

It seems in every movie or even on TV when a woman proposes the man immediately reacts with his macho instincts and find some reason to get out of it.   Even worse, in some cases he freaks out and completely rejects the woman, pushing her away and ending the relationship forever.  This just tells women that we have to sit around and wait for him to get off his lazy butt and ask us so we don’t lose him.

Is this why there are so many single ladies out there? Are we all sitting around, waiting on our Prince Charming to make his move?  What’s the deal?

Women are taught from a young age to act submissive and to let the man lead.  So many of us were raised believing just what those Hollywood movies have taught us that we are a bunch of amazing women hanging out waiting for guys to make the first move.

The problem is that those guys are the same ones taught that they should not let a woman hold them down.  They should cling to their freedom.  They are warned about how marriage ruins a relationship.  On top of that, they are also taught that they need to let women take the lead more and let them be more in control.  They are told that women do not like to be bossed around and that they are proactive and go after what they want.

No wonder everyone is so confused.  Look at what we’ve been taught.  We have women waiting for men to do something and then men either waiting for a man to make the first move or terrified of getting chained down to a relationship.  Everyone is afraid to move, so we are stuck.

How do we fix this? It starts with just being aware of all the crap advice out there.  Hollywood movies are fiction.  Real life just doesn’t play out like that.  Women need to learn that if they really want something then it is okay to ask for it because chances are your guy never will.  So, get down on one knee, ladies, and claim your man!

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