Aquarius Love Horoscope Characteristics

“It’s the dawning of the age of Aquarius…”  Don’t you love that song?  I bet you do ‘cause it’s all about you.  I’m not saying you are selfish, though.  The Aquarius love horoscope is all about the point being made in that song.  You are giving and loving and free.  Your outlook on life takes on a rose colored tint, if you know what I mean.

The Aquarius Zodiac Sign is Friendly And Independent

You, my friendly Aquarius, are an amazing person.  You probably have tons of friends.  In fact, you’ve probably never met a stranger.  You are truly unique in every way.  You love doing things for the greater good and when you start looking for love you want it to be out of this world.  You will except nothing less than a cosmic love connection.

With all your great characteristics, your horoscope sign have no trouble meeting people.  However, your independent streak often pushes them away.  As an Aquarian girl, You cannot win with a guy who is insecure.  You need a strong man.  You need someone who is secure enough in himself to accept that you are a free spirit who cannot be tied down.

Aquarius Need Strength And Novelty In Love

You also need someone who can deal with your tendency to be unemotional.  You are not always clear about expressing your feelings, so a guy that needs to hear “I love you” all the time will not feel happy with you.  Your ideal guy will just know you love him and that will be enough.

You need someone who loves what you love because that is where your passion lies.  You always hear that you and your mate should have lots of things in common but this is really true for you.  Opposites don’t attract for the Aquarius.

Your perfect match will be a fighter like you.   He will be out there saving the whales while driving his electric car.  He will think your tofu stir fry is amazing.  He will probably be the hippie type who doesn’t put a lot of value in material things.  He will also love new things.  You will never have a boring date because you both will be up for anything as long as it isn’t boring.

Aquarius Connect With Gemini And Libra

You click right off with others born under Aquarius.  They just get you so well and unlike others they never think you are crazy.  Besides your sign, other signs that make great mates are Gemini and Libra.  Gemini can be equally out there as you are.  They enjoy mixing up the ordinary with things that are new.  Libra may seem like a challenge since they are so balanced and steady, but they like to let loose and might just surprise you.

You are an equal opportunity lover, so you probably will try out guys from all signs.  If you are ready to settle down, though, look for those guys who possess the traits that compliment you.  You want someone who will get your crazy moods and love that you are so focused on saving the earth.  Your perfect match is out there.  You just need to focus long enough to realize it.

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