Top Seven Reasons Why Women Agree to a Blind Date

There’s always a time when a guy is offered to be set up on a blind date. Maybe you haven’t had any luck online, you have dated all the females in your circle you were attracted to, or you have been morning your previous relationship for far too long and your friends want you to get back in the game. No matter why you ended up on the blind date, knowing why women agree to a blind date will help you make the best out of your experience.

1. Ran Out Of Excuses To Say No

Yes, unfortunately, the most common reasons a woman go on a blind date is because they can’t say no anymore. Her friends have probably been trying to set her up with you for a while. This is not a bad thing; if her friends have insisted it’s because they think highly of you and that goes a long way with a girl. Just be aware that she is dreading the encounter as least as much as you are and her number one fear is to be rejected by a stranger that she may have to face again in the future because you have common friends.

2. Can’t Face Another Saturday Night Alone

Saturday nights can be difficult on singles, especially if you are the only one in your circle that’s not seeing anyone. Sometimes, many women will rather chance a stranger on a Saturday night than sit alone again in front of the TV watching people fall in love. And being out with a stranger is a lot easier than being out alone. Although no none will come out right and tell you that she’s going out with you because she is bored and lonely, you can sense it.  Just don’t assume it means she’s desperate; she might just want some company for this particular night and so do you. After all, you are on a blind date as well.

3. Like Your Picture

Yes and definitely yes, if she sees your picture after all the great things her friends told her about you, if she likes what she sees, then she will agree to the date because it suddenly promising. Unfortunately this also means that her expectations are a tad higher than it would normally be. However, if she has being dating online for a while, by now she is aware that you can predict attraction based on a promising profile. Find out if she’s seen your pic and if she has, ask to see hers to level things.

4. Desperate For a Date For a Special Occasion

There are some occasions, especially family ones, where a girl will do literally anything to not show up alone. I am sure some guys have those as well. When one of these celebrations come around, she will be going on blind date because she has to find someone. And all her girlfriends will be in on the scoop. She is not looking for someone to be in a relationship with; she is looking for the guy who will silence all the gossips she knows she is the object. She is looking for the guy she can show off with the right look, manner, and status.

5. Want To Broaden The Horizon

Let’s face it; we only know so many people and sometimes we don’t have time for online dating. That’s where the friends and acquaintances come in; they can help a girl meet new people without her investing her time and energy sorting through profiles online. And because she will have the matchmaker in common with the date, there is less pressure to come up with an interesting topic for a conversation. It’s also a lot easier to make new friends that way if there is no attraction.

6. She Is Doing a Friend a Favour

It doesn’t mean she is pitying you but yes a girl will go on a blind date as a favour to a friend. Maybe your friends are tired of seeing you sit alone every night refusing to do anything since the last girl broke your heart and they have finally convince you to give it a try. to boost your energy and just get you out of the breakup zone, they will ask a girlfriend to entertain you for a night and maybe more. But don’t worry great things can still come out of it.

7. Is Serious About Being In a Relationship

Finally a girl will on blind dates because she is serious abut getting in a relationship. And the more people she meets, the more likely she will get what she wants. She might actually be the one initiating them, calling all her friends and acquaintances and asking them to set her up with every single guy they know. This is a good thing for you if you are looking because she is a girl who takes initiative. But she also won’t waste any time on you if you don’t fit the profile.

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