Do You Know The Top Five Things Men Do That Annoy Women?

Men and women are so different.  This often causes trouble in relationships.  There really is no way to close that gap between men and women, but you might be able to make your relationships with women much better if you try to at least understand her point of view.

One thing you can do is learn what annoys her and then stop doing those things.

Here are the top five things that men do that annoy women:

1. Lying. When you lie, even about small things, you are chipping away at the trust in your relationship.  Don’t lie at all, no matter how small the lie is.

2. Not being sensitive to her feelings. Women are emotional roller coasters because of hormones.  Sometimes we are not rational with our emotions, but we honestly cannot help it.  We may know we are being crazy, but we simply cannot stop acting this way.  The best thing a man can do is to be understanding.  Picking on us about it or putting us down is no good and very annoying.

3. Arrogance. An arrogant man is a huge turn off.  Women simply cannot stand to be around a man who thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread.  Confidence is one thing, but arrogance is just not cool.

4. Immaturity. Okay, sometimes it is fun to be immature, but only once in a blue moon.  Immaturity is a huge turn off.  It reminds women of a little boy who needs mothering and that is not what we want to think in a relationship.

5. Being a creeper. Basically, a creeper is someone who is always checking out women and making comments about them.  Trust me, we don’t like this.  Keep your eyes from roaming and please, keep your mouth shut.

These 5 things are so annoying to women that if you do even one of them, you can bet things won’t last long with your woman.  Stop these annoying habits and you may just find that women like you better.

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