Top Five Mistakes Some Men Make With Women

Since parents stopped arranging introduction between girls and guys, the majority of men struggle to meet women and have the kind of relationship they want, whether casual or committed. Women complain about mistakes men make with them and five mistakes seem to top the list every time.

Mistake 1: Being Too Aggressive

Women can’t stand men who come on too strong. It doesn’t mean women don’t like strength, on the contrary; a man needs to be strong in many areas to succeed with women. Women don’t like a man who is too aggressive because aggression makes them feel unsafe. You can blame it on history of women being abused and then cast out society for being ruined, while the men who abused them continue their life undisrupted. In any case, a woman needs to feel safe with a man to be attracted to him.

Mistake 2: Being Overly Nice

Some men try not to be perceived as aggressive and instead end up being too nice and pushovers. On a deeper level, women don’t feel safe with men who are too nice as well. Why? Because women are programmed to look for the provider and the protector. Obviously someone who is a pushover cannot protect them, and probably won’t be able to provide for them on all the level they need. Don’t get me wrong, quality women want nice men. But overly nice men are perceived as either fake, which creates suspicion, or as weak, which is not attractive in the mating sense.

Mistake 3: Trying Too Hard to Impress Women

Some men go all out trying to impress women, thinking they can win them that way. Certainly, there are women who are attracted to men who get the artillery all out, but those women are usually not the kind great, quality men want in their lives. Trying too hard to impress anyone rarely works; you usually come across as phony and insecure. Women are not attracted to that. We all have our share of insecurity and being mature is realizing that everyone feels insecure on some level and making peace with our own battles. Then there is not need to try too hard to appear to be what we are not.

Mistake 4: Thinking You Are Not Good Enough

Again rooted in insecurity is the feeling that you are not good enough. It has been said and is still worth repeating; confidence in a man is very attractive to women. I am not saying any man is good enough for any woman, that’s certainly not the case. But if a woman is showing signs of attraction toward a guy, then she already believe he can be good enough for her. It is really annoying for her when that guy starts thinking he is out of his league. After all, she’s a grown girl and she has a pretty good idea of what’s good enough for her.

Mistake 5: Assuming They Know Everything About Women

Women can’t really stand this brand of men; the one who think they know everything about women. What these men have done in their ignorance is compartmentalize women in categories based on their limited and usually painful experiences. As soon as a woman spots this type, she usually just move on without explanation, which is unfortunate because it only reinforce their already deeply misguided opinion of women. Men, you don’t have a clue when it comes to women, so do yourself a favor, and always keep an open mind.

The Fix: What Women Find Attractive

Women are attracted to men who have their act together. These men are confident in themselves because they have created meaning and purpose in their lives. They are perceived by women as having the potential to be good protector and provider. It doesn’t mean women only want to be married, no, but even when it comes to one night stands, women still prefer men who have the potential of being good husbands. And as far as bad boys go, what women really want is the thrill and excitement they bring into the sometime monotonous life we all have.

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