How To Know if Your Female Friend Has a Crush on You

Have you been wondering if your female friend is wanting to be more than your friend?  Most women will give off some signs that they are feeling a bit more than friendship for you.  If you want to figure out if she wants to be more than your friend then read on.

Watch her behavior.

If a girl likes you as more than a friend, then she will start to behave differently.  She will try to make eye contact more often and she will be looking at you more than usual.  She will also start to touch you more and react differently to touches from you.  She will want any physical contact to linger.  She may even start to act distant.  She may pull away.  This can happen if she thinks you do not like her beyond just a friend.

Watch for obvious body language signs.

Her body language will change.  She will start flirting with you.  She may seem nervous around you.  She will lean towards you when you are sitting near each other.   She may shows signs of being uncomfortable.  Basically, her body language is not going to be as relaxed as it used to be if she likes you as more than a friend.

See how she reacts to competition.

When you talk to her about other girls or you are around other girls does she act jealous?  If you mention another girl does she tend to shut down and not be so talkative?  These are good signs that she is jealous.  As a friend she would not be jealous, but if she likes you as more than a friend then that is why she is jealous.  Be careful here, though.  If you like her then do not make her think that you like someone else.

Ask her.

Sometimes all you can do is ask.  If she is having these feelings then she probably wants to let you know.  Ask her in a manner that is not confrontational.  You do not want her to be afraid to tell you the truth.  You also do not want her to be afraid that she will lose you as a friend.  If you like her then tell her that because it will make it much easier for her to tell the truth.


  • If you are going to ask her if she likes you then you need to make sure you really want to know the answer.  She could say yes or no.  You may want her to say yes and she says no or visa versa.  No matter what things in your relationship will probably change.
  • Remember that she knows you pretty well since you have already been friends.  She will know if you are not being honest or if you are not comfortable with her feelings.
  • Getting into a relationship with a friend is often seen as something that is to be avoided.  However, in reality, building up a good friendship first makes a great foundation for an amazing relationship.

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