Are You Ugly? or Why Girls Don’t Find you Attractive

Very often you hear a guy ask the question “am I ugly? and if not, why don’t girls find me attractive?” It’s very unfortunate that anyone should have such a burden on his heart but since it is the case, I hope these few insights in the female mind will help you understand why women find someone attractive.

Look Matters and Always Will

First let’s get this out of the way; look matters. The first thing you see about anyone is the person’s look and everyone, including women, make split seconds decision based on what they see in the first few seconds of meeting someone for the first time. Those decisions are entirely based on physical appearance.

What look matters doesn’t mean though is that you have to be George Clooney to impress a girl. Your appearance, and this includes your demeanour as well, reveals far more about you than you are aware. Women look at you and make interpretation based on their experiences, background, culture, education, and more. What this mean for you is that, you have to be aware of what you are communicating with your appearance and make sure it is exactly what you want to project.

Women Are Looking For The Man Who Will Provide And Protect

Women are genetically programmed to look for the strong male, the one who will provide and protect. But the definition of provide and protect varies for each woman. Don’t assume that a strong man needs to have tons of muscles; many women find that threatening and will never feel safe around The Miz (Mike Mizanin). And the best looking guy who can’t provide will only be good as a sex toys.

What you need is do what you have to do to build the confidence that you can provide for your woman of choice. This can go either of two ways; You just decide what you can provide and how much you can protect and find the women that are satisfied with that, or you choose the women you want and work hard to be the kind of man they will feel safe and secure with. Either, girls find a man who believe in himself irresistible.

Inside Most Women Sleeps a Little Rebel

Blame it on years of repression or anything you want, but women want to rebel a little bit. They crave an existence that is not so boring, that’s a little more challenging, and sometimes surprise them a bit. And you have the ability to provide that, if you would just get over the fact that you don’t want to scare her away.

Women don’t really like bad boys; they know they will hurt them; they know bad boys are not for keep. They would like to find a nice guy who can knock them off their feet from time to time and yet is still decent enough to bring home to dad. Work on your sense of humour, stop worrying so much about what she will think, and start leading her a little more. Be less concerned about getting her approval and start teasing her a bit more. That’s really all it takes to be found attractive and interesting by women.

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