The single girl’s guide to surviving Valentine’s Day

There is no doubt, Valentine’s Day is a huge commercial event that put a lot of pressure on a single girl. After being swamped by all the advertisement from the 1st of February, she must now face the d-day of Valentine. By that time you have probably had enough of all the parades, the questions, the pity glances, and all the drama that are the load of the non-attached female during the widely celebrated event.

Let’s be honest, no girl wish the day didn’t exist; she probably just wish it would be skipped from the calendar the year she is single. In any case, valentine’s day is not going anywhere, so a girl has to learn to not only survive it but actually enjoy it even more than her coupled fiends.

Valentine’s Day Equals Heartbreaks

Yes it is possible to have more fun being single on Valentine’s Day than your girlfriends. Think about it; how many times have you heard the same sad stories post Valentines? The promising boyfriend who didn’t show up because the relationship was actually just casual for him. The gift that was thoughtless and so obviously picked at the last minute from the drugstore around the corner. The ring that didn’t come, and instead the stuffed dog she got.

You may not realize it, but as a single girl you have a lot of allies: single guys. There are many guys out there who are in a worst position than you are, whether because they are not attached or because they don’t want to commit. What ever their reasons, you can take advantage of the fact that there are many single men in your circle that could use some fun on that day as well. Your couple friends will be all too glad to recommend you their single guys friends when you ask as they are always so eager to play the matchmaker.

Bachelors Party

So what can you do? Set yourself up to be their princess on that day. Get your single guy friends out of their misery by having a single guys party to celebrate the single life and a stress-free Valentine’s Day. Be clear that it is not a party to set them up, since the only female present will be you. It is an opportunity for you and them to laugh at all that will go bad that night as well if you want to or do anything else you all feel like.

Choose as theme for the party something the guys will enjoy and that you will too. You can rent a video of a famous game you enjoy, or organize an indoor game that is fun and entertaining for the guys and you. Have them bring something so you don’t have to spend too much. Let them know it’s fully casual, but make sure you don’t dress like one of the boys. You want to remain feminine so they will treat you like a princess, yet not so feminine that they will not feel relax around you.

Spice Up The Night

Let the guys know no subject is taboo so they don’t feel restrained but be prepared to hear some stuff you might not like. In any case, make it some sort of research project to understand how guys think. If you give them a great night on Valentine’s Day without all the mediatized pressure, they will not only be very grateful and make sure you are happy as well, but you might actually end up with more dates than you can handle.

To give the night the perfect ending, make your pick of anyone of those sexy bachelors in awe of you and have the sex of your life. Just don’t get too attached. The next day, when all your girlfriends will be telling you about their valentine’s day gone bad, you will have an unmistakable smile that will let everyone know you had the perfect night, yet you are single.

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