What it Means When A Man Says He Wants To Take Things Slow?

Every woman has been told by a man that he wants to take things slow or that he needs space or time to think.  All of these things can be confusing.  Men have a way of saying things that make us confused.  His actions or how he delivers the words simply do not match what he is saying and therefore we start to question exactly what he means.

Breaking It Down

Sometimes if you take a moment to actually think about the words he has just said it can help.  Taking things slow or giving him space simply means he is feeling too crowded by you.  He wants some time away.  Literally, he wants some space between you and him.  He wants to not be so close to you and to slow things down because they are progressing towards something that he is not comfortable with.

Behind the Words

Now that you have gotten to the heart of what the words mean, let’s look at the emotion behind them.  When he is telling you he wants time away from you or that he does not want to keep progressing in your relationship then you have to recognize what is happening.  He is not happy.  He is looking for a way out.

When a man says he wants to take things slow, he more likely thinking that he wants things to end.  Be real about it.  If he is really happy with you and he is enjoying the relationship, why would he want to slow things down?

Beyond the Emotions

Of course, not every person is the same and not every situation is the same.  You also need to look beyond just this one conversation.  Look for other signs as to what he means.  Consider what is going on in his life.  If a man who has a lot of stress at work or who is going through family issues says he wants to take things slow, he may not mean that he wants to let you go.  He may simply need some time to himself since he is dealing with other things in his life and simply does not have the energy to focus on you and your relationship right now.

Look at the Big Picture

You really do need to look at the whole picture.  There are many things going on when a man says this.  However, you cannot simply just decode things for yourself and assume you are right.  The best way to figure out what he means when he says he wants to take things slow is to just ask him.

It may seem obvious, but this is what you have to do.  Only he knows for sure what he means.  If he is confusing, you then simply tell him.  Tell him you want to know what is really going on and that you need some clarity.  He should be able to tell you what he is feeling so you know for sure what he means and what this means for your relationship.

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