How Do Men React in an Argument?

Arguments and fights are a normal part of any relationship.  You simply cannot agree all of the time.  It is important to not let arguments get out of hand and escalate into a fight that threatens the life of the relationship.

Men and Women Are Different

Men and women react differently during an argument.  This is simple human nature.  Men tend to react more strongly during an argument than women do.  By understanding how he reacts, you can start to change the way you argue to make it more productive.

A Woman’s Reaction

When arguing women tend to want to keep the conversation going.  We like to talk things out and get our thoughts out there.  Our focus is not really on solving the problem, but rather just telling how we feel.  We generally take the active role during a fight.

A Man’s Reaction

Men, on the other hand, are more reserved. They are passive.  They want to resolve the issue, but they are not as big on sharing how they feel.  They want to solve the problem and get to the solution as soon as possible.

Using this to Help During a Fight

Now that you know the differences in how men and women react during an argument you can see that if you want a fast resolution without adding fuel to the flames that you should focus on a solution.  That does not mean that you cannot share your feelings.  Rather you should focus on the problem first and then after you have calmed down and solved the problem, you can talk about your feelings.  Using this strategy should help you to keep arguments productive instead of destructive.

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