Do You Know Who Your Date Really Is? How To Find Out Before Meeting Him

Whether you met him online, in the street, at a party, or you have never met him, it is a good idea to find out more about your date before your first meeting. At least, learn as much as you can. Unfortunately, sometimes, it may seem that you don’t have enough information to do your research. So if you have been wondering if you know who your date really is, these little tips will show you how to find out more about your date before meeting him.

Search Your Date Online For Free

Google his name. All you need is his name and access to the internet. By typing his name in Google, you will be surprise how much information you can find. Also, if the person has a Facebook account, or any other type of social account, it will usually come up with your search results. This is very helpful as it narrows down for you the list of sites you have to investigate.

Search Facebook. You may or may not find something on Google. However, think about the person you are meeting to have an idea of what demographic they fit into. For example, people who are dating online are more likely than not to have a Facebook and a Twitter account. So if you don’t find anything in Google, it’s probably because he is using a different name. Even if it is the case, you can still find him, as he is probably using his picture. Start by thinking about the few things you know about him, or ask him more information. Does he play a game? What is his hometown? Which of his friends do you know? By getting small inputs here and there, you can narrow your Facebook search enough to find him.

Use Your Network To Find Out More About Him

Talk to your friends and family. Chances are, your friends and family know something you don’t that could help you with other means you could use to find out more about him. Ask if they know him, or if they know someone who knows him. Ask about their experience with him, and any advice they are willing to give. In any case, just casually throwing his name will get people start talking and you can learn a lot without even asking a question.

Find out who he hangs out with. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. If you are not comfortable with who he hangs out with, you won’t be comfortable with him. You can ask him to tell you about his best friends, about his network. People are less reluctant to talk about other people. So where he was unwilling to tell you about himself, he might open a floodgate and tell you about his buddies. If you are paying attention, you will gather enough information to know a lot about him. Also use the information he gives you about his friends to investigate them and work your way back to him.

Spend Some Money To Investigate Your Date

Run a background check. Online background check are less and less expensive and it’s a question of risk and reward ratio. If you gut is telling you to find out more about your date, then don’t be reluctant, do it. It’s like insurance; you don’t really need it until something happens, then you wish you had it when you didn’t need it. Background check is a good idea, even after you have known the person for a while because people don’t go around advertising the bad things they did.

Hire an investigator. Ok, we are only talking about going on a date here, not marrying the person. So if you feel you have to hire an investigator, my advice is don’t go out with him. But you have your reasons. As a last resort, you can hire an investigator to give you a thorough profile on your prospects. Just be prepare to shed some serious money.

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