Is There A Sign That Can Tell You he Wants More Than Casual Sex?

So you’ve been having casual sex with him for a while now and deep down you crave to have more. After all, who wants to go back in the dating scene and start over when you already have this amazing guy in your bed? It’ll be nice if, well, if you could have the perfect relationship with him.

Frankly, I think if a guy wants casual sex with you well, that’s exactly what he wants: casual sex. Very often, wanting more will put an abrupt end to something that from his perspective was going so well. You have probably been around long enough to know that and that does not put you at ease.

You Don’t Want To Have “The Talk”

So how can you find out without asking the dreaded question; where are we going with this? Maybe women are usually the one asking this question, but let’s face it honey, no one likes to “have the talk”. And if you think about it, you have ran without looking back from some dude who asked you that question.

What sign then can you use to find out if he’s interested beyond the bedroom? Very simple; how much time does he want to spend with you outside of the bedroom? If lately he has been trying to “just hang out”, then your prospects are looking good. Normally you want to date before going to bed, but the next best thing is dating after getting out of it.

He Wants To See More Of With Cloths On

If he wants more, he’ll start calling you out of the blue and suggest activities that does not involve you laying on your back. You’ll probably notice that he cares because of some of the things he’ll do like remembering something important for you. When you see those signs, you know your guy is wanting you more in his life.

However, if you don’t notice those signs, don’t assume it’s because he needs you to help him figure it out. Men are programmed to go after what they want, and they don’t debate issues like women do. If he wanted to see you more often, you would know by now. If he doesn’t, then nothing has changed since you first met, except for time. He didn’t want to commit then, he doesn’t want it now.

So if you want to commit it might be time to move on and take steps to find the man of your dream who is ready to commit to you.

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