Is Your Phone Eerily Silent?

Every woman has been there.  You had a great date and gave him your number.  He said he would call you, but you’ve been waiting by the phone in dead silence.  He doesn’t call.

Why?  He has a good reason.  He is sending you a message, but most of us don’t ever pick it up.  Instead we obsess over it and we worry.  We may even start calling him.

Don’t get caught up in the “I will call you” game.  Stop the insanity now and learn the real reason he isn’t calling you.

What Have I Done Wrong?

The first instinct most women have when the guy doesn’t call is that they did something wrong.  You may spend hours pouring over every detail of your last encounter trying to figure out why he hasn’t picked up that phone.

This is where women go wrong.  We try to take on blame.  Instead of trying to figure out why he hasn’t called you are trying to read the situation.  You never know.  Maybe he didn’t call because he simply hasn’t had time.

Take a step back from the situation.  Calm down and then you can proceed to getting to the real reason why he hasn’t called.

Honestly Look at the Situation

The first thing that you need to do is look at the situation.  How long have you been dating?  Are you even really dating?  Is he a busy person? Are you seeing him still?  Has he ever called you for no reason?  The answers to these questions are important.

You need to figure out if not calling is just a matter of him not having time or even just not liking to talk on the phone.  Maybe he doesn’t see a need to call since he knows he will see you this weekend.

You have to remember that men are not quite as friendly with the phone as women.  Men do not often just call someone to chat.  They usually make phone calls with a purpose.

High Expectations

Women tend to put too high expectations on men and relationships.  We expect a man to act just like us in a relationship.  That is wrong.  Men are nothing like us and, honestly, isn’t that why we love them?

You need to be real about your relationship.  Maybe you would call him, but maybe that just isn’t him.  You cannot make him suddenly change who he is.  If he says he will call, sometimes it is empty words he uses to make you leave him alone.

Are you constantly bugging him about talking more or about calling you?  He wants you to shut up, so he says he will call.  He doesn’t put any meaning into the words.  They are for your benefit and he knows they will work for a little while at least.

Don’t try to make things a bigger deal than they are.  If he really wants to call you then he will.  Let him decide.

Sometimes It Is What You Think

In some cases, a man doesn’t call because he really doesn’t want to talk to you.  Sometimes him not calling is a clear sign that he is not interested.  Again, you need to look at your situation.

If you barely know him, if this is after a first date or if you have been having hard times in your relationship then quite possibly him not calling is a big sign that he wants to end things.  Just like you, men are not always good at saying they want the relationship to end.

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