Why Settle For Mr. Perfect When You Can Have Mr. Right

Why is it that we sometimes mistake Mr. Perfect for Mr. Right? Countless of women have done it and countless more will, for the same exact results every single time: terrible heart breaks. Just because he is perfect doesn’t mean he will make you happy, and if you are honest, it is usually the opposite.

Who Is Mr. Perfect

Wen all have these better notions of ourselves, I guess the person we think we would want to be. We live in some kind of lies almost all our lives, wanting to believe so hard that we are what we really aren’t. Just ask our friends. And sadly, and very unfortunately, we create someone for this ideal version of ourselves, someone who fits just perfectly with the picture, Mr. Perfect.

The only problem with that is that Mr. Perfect might be well, perfect, it’s usually not for the real us. He is the ideal mate for this fictional being we have created in our mind and whom we imagine is us, despite how many times our friends tells we are so not what we think we are. But well, what can a girl do? After all, she needs a decent dream, one she can be proud of.

Signs You Are Dating Mr. Perfect

Suddenly you find yourself trying a little harder, keeping those little habits that make you who you are in check when he’s around and telling your friends that he actually make you a better person. You are obsessed with what he thinks of you and you have never invited him to your place, even though you have been dating for five months.

You start second guessing yourself, the little pranks you and your friends used to pull and laugh so hard at now embarrasses you. You never invite him when you go out with your pals; God forbid they should do something that would shame you in his eyes. You are constantly worried that you will mess things up, and you certainly can’t afford that; why, he is so perfect.

Mr. Perfect Doesn’t Equate To Mr. Right

Some of use never wake up on hour own, usually Mr. Perfect, who has known all along that you were no Mrs. Right, tires of you, or meet Mrs. Right, or get attracted by the next shining thing. The result is the same; you are left hanging, wondering what went wrong. You had been so caught up building your dream life you missed the fact that your foundation was made of sand.

Mr. Right may not have the perfect hair cut, nor look like a god in jean, nor have a smile that makes you forget your name, nor drive your favourite sports car, nor have that apartment with the million dollar view. No Mr. Right may have none of those things that make Mr. Perfect perfect, but he has one thing that no one else has; with him you are simply who you are and happy. And if you would just gather the courage to introduce him to your friends, you will see just how perfectly he fits.

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